20 Things I Learned About Money In My Twenties

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So let's have a little fun with 20 things I learned:

1.  I Truly Am Enough

Simply stated and just like that. No matter how much debt I am in or get out of, I am enough just the way the creator made me. Getting to this point has been such a blessing for my life. Everything I needed for my life and my journey has already been given to me the day I stepped on this earth. It doesn't mean I didn't learn many things along the way. Those things were just a bonus to what God already put inside of me,( and you too!)


2. The Value of Something Is More Important Than The Cost.


3. Success Is Available To Anyone Willing To Work For It.


4. Getting out of debt is a mental exercise

The amount of money you make has little to do with you getting out of debt. Once you have you mind made up nothing or no one will stop you from getting rid of your debt.


5. How Much Money I Make  In My Lifetime Is Solely Based On How Much I Believe I Can Make.


6. Change Your Belief (In Negative Things) And Intent To Get The Things YOU Want From Your Life


7. Once you have your mind made up nothing can stop.

I wish I knew this wholeheartedly in my 20's. There are so many things I gave up on, when I could have pushed forward. The secret that I now know, the key to true success is not stopping. No matter how many no's you come across. If you know something is meant to be, pressed forward. It may not come in the package you thought or the time you thought, but success will come!


8. God Is The Way, God is The Truth and The Light.


9. The Highest Level Of Success Is How Successful You Have Made Others Around You!



10. The journey of getting out of debt has been the most freeing experience of my life.

Not only did it free up my household. It lead me to a new business concept that I believe in. Without that first step, there would be no website and no blog post that you are currently reading! I gained the most clarity and confidence ever from getting out of debt!


11. I Wasted  A Lot Of Time On The Wrong Thoughts And Actions. But I understand it was apart of the journey.


12. Waking Up Early In The Morning Leads To The Most Productive Day (Especially For A Mom)


13. My Happiness and Mood Are Solely Controlled By Me. No other individual has the power to change that, it is only what I allow them to do.


14.Walking in Purpose is necessary to feel whole.

Some of us have what is viewed as a great purpose, while others have what is view as a "smaller" purpose. When it is all said and done purpose is purpose. Maybe I was just created to be the best mother to my 3 kids and give their life purpose. Maybe I was created to be the President of the United States. Just make sure you decide what will give you purpose and find ways to implement that into your life daily.


15. In Life There is No "Success" or "Growth" That Comes Without Struggle. So there is no point in avoiding the difficult moments. They will come no matter what. 


16. Sacrificing To Get Out of Debt is all a mindset. Once I realized that it wasn't really sacrifice, it was actually freedom for my family there was no stopping us.


17. Perfection is a waste of time.

Start with what you have, and give it your all. That is perfection. You can't get better at something you don't start. So go ahead and have day one.


18. Everyone regardless of income has the ability to become debt free.  Everyone has the ability to create wealth in their life.


19. I can't play defense with my life. I can't sit on the sidelines of my life. I have to get in the game on the offensive side. I have to create plays for my life that will score points! 


20. There will never be a perfect time to start going after your dream.

If you are stalling on going after what you want, it is most likely fear stopping you. Let fear go and check why you are fearful to begin with. Your life will never perfectly line up to starting a business, or getting out of debt. You have to create those opportunities for yourself.  Get help if you need it. Don't just give up on yourself!