The ebook will go over:

  • How squarespace makes hosting a webinar, collecting payments, and slaying your visuals so easy for most solopreneur and entrepreneur online
  • It will show you how to start taking payments immediately with a physical or digital product. Hellooooo passive income!
  • You will learn the power of squarespace hidden pages, you can even host your very online course and live class on these pages!
  • You will learn the 3 squarespace templates to fit a wide range of design needs and allow for creativity
  • You will finally set your site up and learn the basics to get your site running in no time.
  • 11 easy to follow videos included in the Ebook. Don't stay in the dark about using squarespace any longer!
  • Bonus: 5 Steps To A Visual Look Online Workbook & The Popular Repurpose Your Live Broadcast Workshop


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"I bought the bundle and skimmed through the ebook (lots of great info there) HOWEVER the main money maker in my opinion is the video. The video helped give me a live in action visual of how to do my site. I had no clue about a lot of the features she went over despite being one of those "I'll click on everything and see what happens" kind of people."

-M.T. Harrte Author/Coach

"I'm in a rebranding moment & "Slayed Squarespace" is a promiment assitant in this process. My blog won't be started for about another week, but thank you for creating this package! MORE THAN satisfied with my investment."

-Sabrina "ConfidenceCurator" Ashley

"There is SO MUCH information in this ebook. Thanks for putting this together!"

-Michelle, Bangles and Brunch


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