Little Fuss Activities You Can Do With Your Toddlers


Hey Mamas (and Dads, haha)

I wanted to put a post together for you. If your kids are anything like mine they want to constantly be moving and doing activities. While I try my best to keep up, sometimes I just can't think of anything else to do. Then, on the other hand, you don't always have the energy to do some of the activities that require a lot of fuss, a lot of energy, and a lot of cleanups. That's why I put this list together (for the both of us, haha)!


  • A good ole dance party always entertains the girls
  • Musical chairs if you have multiple kids
  • Buying some flashlights from the dollar store, my girls love flashlights for some reason!
  • Make a card for a family member or friend that lives a long distance. An extra bonus is to take them to the post office to send. 
  • Dress up is always fun, and not too much to clean up. Maybe switch it up and dress as cowboys and cowgirls.
  • Look through an old photo album and share with the kids different memories of the photos and people in the photos (sourced)
  • Create a collage using old magazines or newspapers. Kids love cutting and gluing!! 
  • Make a book together. Let your kid tell the story and you write the story. Once you are done ask them to draw the pictures for the book. (sourced)
  • Put together a puzzle. You can even take the front of an old cereal box and cut into squares to make into a puzzle. 
  • Make some cookies together, from scratch or store bought, whatever fits your fancy!


  • See how many leaves you can capture from the ground (of course this is a fall activity)
  • You can go further with leaves and make water sensory bottles. You can even make more than one with other fall items, like acorns and maples (click here for the details on how to make it)
  • Take a bucket of water outside and fill with soapy water (sourced)
  • Paint an old sheet outdoors (sourced)
  • Old fashion: tag, hopscotch, blowing bubbles, jumping rope, or hula hooping 


  • Drive and take the kids to see community service buildings, drive by the fire station, the police station, and the library. 

I am sure this list will grow even longer! Feel free to share your ideas below to help us all!!