Why We Decided To Move Closer To Family & Friends


You know that saying we always hear, don't just exist, THRIVE. While that sounds good on paper, it doesn't always seem easy to get to that place.

That's where I found myself while living in North Carolina. There was nothing wrong with the city I lived in or the house we lived in. It just became a cycle of doing the exact same thing over and over again. 

I am a firm believer that things don't grow in isolation. It got to the point that we hadn't built a life there. So either we were going to stay there and make an intentional effort of building a community or the second option: move where that already existed. We couldn't stay in an environment that didn't push us to grow.

We decided that our kids needed a sense of community. Yes, they love us and are really close to us, and saw us on a daily basis, but no one else. They had visit with family often, but it is nothing like having family and friends being able to attend football games, school performances, and all those weekly things that would be hard for someone out of town to attend. 

Moving to Georgia, is the best of both worlds, we have my parents living their plus friends of my husband and I. I started to see the need for us both to have our friends closer.

It was something about the time living in North Carolina, that made me see the importance Ifamily and friends. Those aren't new values for me. But it is something different to not have access to those things, that give you a new perspective. What is life if I can't share it with those I treasure most? We can't just say the family is first, like a badge of honor and not actually wear it. 

So a few months back, it was like a light bulb came on. We had never even considered that we could move. We just felt obligated to stay there, because we were there. We never really questioned ourselves; do we really want this? Are we living our best life? (In the spirit of Oprah). It didn't take long for us to answer that question, No we were not. The power was always in our hands to make a difference. 

The other big part of the decision for me to move, was my spirit walk. We begin to just exist while living in North Carolina, and not attending church as much anymore. The church we enjoyed most in the area was an hour away from our house. I wanted to be able to participate in all the church activities and not just on Sunday. With small kids, it is just unrealistic to spend multiples hours in the car each week. I knew that once we moved I could attend the church I started my journey on.  In addition, as a family, we would be able to attend events on a weekly basis and establish relationships with a church body. 

So far things are looking up, the kids are THRIVING with all the extra love from family and friends. I am so glad we made the decision to create an environment with a depth of community.  While the girls do have there moment where they miss their old house, they look forward to finding a new one here in Georgia. We also have moved our son back to the place he always wanted to be!

So what ways can you make small changes that benefit your growth?